“You’re always first when no one’s on your side.”

Brandon Boyd

“Cousins are forever and forever are cousins they stand by your side for you no matter what.”

Brandi Carlile

“Without Allah on your side, you can do nothing. With Allah on your side, there is nothing you cannot do”


Boonaa Mohammed

“The 8 key words that will move practically anyone to your side of the issue: ‘If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.'”


Bob Burg

“In high seas or in low seas, I’m gonna be your friend… I’m gonna be your friend. In high tide or in low tide, I’ll be by your side… I’ll be by your side.”


Bob Marley

“But now we got weaponsOf the chemical dustIf fire them we’re forced toThen fire them we mustOne push of the buttonAnd a shot the world wideAnd you never ask questionsWhen God’s on your side”


Bob Dylan

“You don’t count the dead, when god’s on your side.”


Bob Dylan

“So we can simulate Richter-10 earthquakes. We simulate 70-foot waves coming into these things. Very cool. We basically say no human should ever be required to do anything, because if you judge by Chernobyl and Fukushima, the human element is not on your side.”


Bill Gates

“If I could make this go away, I would. If I could stand in your place, I wouldn’t hesitate. But I’m left with one choice, and that’s to stand by your side through the end. I won’t waver, Angel, I can promise you that. -Patch to Nora”

Becca Fitzpatrick

“To get God on your side is a great way to feel powerful.”


Barbara Brown Taylor