“Political people don’t solve stuff – not really. Political people are like guys in pop music.”


Bruce Sterling

“I heard a political message in rock music. A liberation message. A message of freedom. I heard it in Elvis’ voice.”


Bruce Springsteen

“I never start with a political point of view. I believe that your politics are emotionally and psychologically determined by your early experiences.”


Bruce Springsteen

“I think you can’t demonize somebody that’s on the other side of the political spectrum, or you can’t generalize about them.”


Bruce Springsteen

“I think tolerance is something everybody needs to be reminded of, especially in a reactionary political world. Well, actually, I should say, a reactionary political climate.”


Bruce Davison

“Next to fried foods, the South has suffered most from oratory.”

Brooks Hays

“I didn’t understand how you could be an actor if you didn’t also study philosophy and study political science, astronomy. And also just go out and live life and have experiences.”


Brit Marling

“Music is one of those things that brings great joy to people, singing is a sort of unifier of people, no matter what political place or original place you come from.”


Brian Viglione

“The political system, folks, is rigged. It’s a rigged, disgusting, dirty system.”


Brian Stelter

“Art criticism everywhere is now at a low ebb, intellectually corrupt, swamped in meaningless jargon, distorted by political correctitudes, anxiously addressed only to other critics and their ilk.”


Brian Sewell

“Life cannot be classified in terms of a simple neurological ladder, with human beings at the top; it is more accurate to talk of different forms of intelligence, each with its strengths and weaknesses. This point was well demonstrated in the minutes before last December’s tsunami, when tourists grabbed their digital cameras and ran after the ebbing surf, and all the ‘dumb’ animals made for the hills.”


Brian Reynolds Myers

“All music has political dimensions because it suggests a way of being.”


Brian Eno

“do i have political views? you bet! i think the best way to express them is in your work, and then get the hell off the stage”


Brian De Palma

“The shuffle only demonstrated people’s fatuous belief in a political cure for a human condition.”


Brian Aldiss

“The middle class in the rich countries is where the political game is being played. They are voting in elections in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. They are working people in the upper part of the global income distribution. They might on average be happy that the Chinese are doing well, but they are not happy that the Chinese are doing well relative to them.”


Branko Milanovic

“I’ve never seen a great military, political, or corporate leader who was not a great storyteller. Telling stories is a core competency in business, although it’s one that we don’t pay enough attention to.”

Bran Ferren

“I am a technological activist. I have a political agenda. I am in favor of basic human rights: to free speech, to use any information and technology, to purchase and use recreational drugs, to enjoy and purchase so-called ‘vices’, to be free of intruders, and to privacy.”

Bram Cohen

“The way to have power is to take it.”


Boss Tweed

“We want peace and a political solution to the situation in Chechnya.”


Boris Yeltsin