Joy Quotes is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires.

Joy Quotes

“The most fruitful and the most joy-filled Christians are the most pruned Christians.”


Bruce Wilkinson

“Teaching some things that are true, prematurely or at the wrong time, can invite sorrow and heartbreak instead of the joy intended to accompany learning…. The scriptures teach emphatically that we must give milk before meat. The Lord made it very clear that some things are to be taught selectively and some things are to be given only to those who are worthy.”


Boyd K. Packer

“The deep hurt is the mirror image of the deep joy that still awaits you.”


Bruce C. Hafen

“Joy is not an alternative to opposition; it is part of a compound that includes opposition.”


Bruce C. Hafen

“I didn’t suffer for Jesus in prison. No! I was with Jesus and I experienced his very real presence, joy, and peace every day. It’s not those in prison for the sake of the gospel who suffer. The person who suffers is he who never experiences God’s intimate presence.”

Brother Yun

“That we should feed and nourish our souls with high notions of GOD; which would yield us great joy in being devoted to Him.”

Brother Lawrence

“The more we know Him, the more we will desire to know Him. As love increases with knowledge, the more we know God, the more we will truly love Him. We will learn to love Him equally in times of distress or in times of great joy.”

Brother Lawrence

“Love sweetens pain; and when one loves God, one suffers for His sake with joy and courage.”

Brother Lawrence

“We should fix ourselves firmly in the presence of God by conversing all the time with Him…we should feed our soul with a lofty conception of God and from that derive great joy in being his. We should put life in our faith. We should give ourselves utterly to God in pure abandonment, in temporal and spiritual matters alike, and find contentment in the doing of His will,whether he takes us through sufferings or consolations.”

Brother Lawrence

“There is no joy so great as that of reporting that a good play has come to town.”

Brooks Atkinson

“Worrying is worthless. When you stop focusing on what has already happened and what may never happen, then you’ll be in the present moment. Then you’ll begin to experience joy in life.”


Brian Weiss

“The more you go within, the more you understand your true nature, and the more joy and happiness you feel in your life.”


Brian Weiss

“You need your ego to survive in the three-dimensional world, but you need only that part of the ego which processes information. The rest – pride, arrogance, defensiveness, fear – is worse than useless. The rest of the ego separates you from wisdom, joy, and God.”


Brian Weiss

“Music is one of those things that brings great joy to people, singing is a sort of unifier of people, no matter what political place or original place you come from.”


Brian Viglione

“The purpose of time management and getting more done in less time is to enable you to spend more face time with the people you care about and doing the things that give you the greatest amount of joy in life.”


Brian Tracy

“No one is drawn to writing about being happy or feelings of joy.”

Bret Easton Ellis

“This joy that He brings us transcends every human trial, it is a joy that can strengthen even the weakest of hands”

Brenton Brown

“Basically, my deal is that I choose roles based on three criteria. One is the role, obviously, if it’s something that speaks to me. Two is, are they gonna pay me? And three is, who am I gonna work with? And, really, if one of those is there, I’m pretty likely to do it, but it’s particularly important to me who I’m going to work with, ’cause that’s part of the joy.”

Brent Spiner

“Joy was more than just an absence of discomfort.”

Brandon Sanderson

“Deep inside all of us a huge potential beckons, waiting to open us to the joy, genius, freedom and Love within.”

Brandon Bays