“I grew up with a very big extended family, with a lot of aunts. We had about five or six houses on one street.”


Bruce Springsteen

“Temple. One other word is equal in importance to a Latter-day Saint. Home. Put the words holy temple and home together, and you have described the house of the Lord!”


Boyd K. Packer

“Creativity always dies a quick death in rooms that house conference tables.”


Bruce Herschensohn

“The problem we have had on the budget all along is a lack of adult supervision on the part of the White House. You can’t blame members of Congress for looking out for their parochial interests. It is the president’s responsibility to look out for the national interest.”

Bruce Bartlett

“I don’t allow anybody to change me. I still walk outta my house in rollers and I take walks. I do not care what people think.”


Britney Spears

“I’m not at the point where I’d feel safe in a house alone. I would be really scared. I’m the kind of person that when I get up to go use the bathroom I have this big long hallway, and I just know someone’s going to jump out and get me.”


Britney Spears

“I feel comfortable in my skin. … I used to run around my house naked when I was 13.”


Britney Spears

“If everyone in America agreed that 80 percent of their contributions for House, Senate, and president could only come from people making contributions of $100 or less, we’d have a pretty darn good system. The influence of money would be gone.”


Brian Williams

“Whatever you dwell on in the conscious grows in your experience.”


Brian Tracy

“My house had suddenly turned into a hospital ward.”


Brian Selznick

“The big guys, the big dogs, are going to own everything from the White House to the courthouse.”


Brian Schweitzer

“Sure I’ve got an awesome overdraft but as a perk I’ve got someone personally assigned to look after me. When you spend £45,000 on doing up your house you don’t have to speak to someone in a call centre.”


Brian Robertson

“In England and Europe, we have this huge music called ambient – ambient techno, ambient house, ambient hip-hop, ambient this, ambient that.”


Brian Eno

“There are more hooligans in the House of Commons than at a football match.”


Brian Clough

“It’s strange, because I remember the biggest point of my childhood was one Halloween when I was trick or treating and ended up at Henry Winkler’s house and he answered the door. So I got to meet The Fonz. That was cool.”


Brian Austin Green

“That’s kind of how I approach life and football; why dwell on something that’s hasn’t happened.”

Brett Favre

“When you’re young that’s when you feel like you can change the world. Then you get older and you buy a house and have kids, and you don’t want to be so bold anymore.”

Brett Dennen

“Nobody shoulders a rifle in defense of a boarding house.”

Bret Harte

“I think it was somewhere around age 3 when I fell down the stairs at my house, and I got up and did a Jerry Lewis impression and got a big laugh. And I thought, “Oooh, I like that. I think I need to do this for a living!””

Brent Spiner

“Folks, I’ve had the best seat in the house. Thanks for sharing it, I’ll see you down the road.”

Brent Musburger