Hate Quotes mean to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for. hate implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

Hate Quotes

“I don’t like going out. I hate clubs. I hate being around too many people.”


Britney Spears

“I hate talking about music, to tell you the truth.”


Brian Eno

“I hate the rock music tradition. I can’t bear it!”


Brian Eno

“I hate the way CDs just drone on for bloody hours and you stop caring.”


Brian Eno

“I feel the change. I feel the relationship with New York changing. It’s a personal relationship you have with the city when you move there. I definitely romanticize the early 2000s. As much as I prefer the city then as opposed to now, I’m sure if I were 23 and I moved to the New York of right now, I could have the same exact experience. I don’t really hate the cleaning up of New York, even though it’s not my preferred version of New York.”


Brian Degraw

“They love me for what I’m not They hate me for what I am.”


Brian Clough

“I hate when people call me ‘The Boz’.”


Brian Bosworth

“I hate the iPhone. I love the BlackBerry – BlackBerry wins in my opinion. The iPhone is a toy.”

Brett Ratner

“The bottom line is that TV can either be a great asset to your career, or if you’re a complete ass that people hate, it can be the final nail in your coffin.”

Bret Michaels

“The seals stupidly dive off rocks into swirling black water, barking mindlessly. The zookeepers feed them dead fish. A crowd gathers around the tank, mostly adults, a few accompanied by children. On the seals’ tank a plaque warns: COINS CAN KILL——IF SWALLOWED, COINS CAN LODGE IN AN ANIMAL’S STOMACH AND CAUSE ULCERS, INFECTIONS AND DEATH. DO NOT THROW COINS IN THE POOL. So what do I do? Toss a handful of change into the tank when none of the zookeepers are watching. It’s not the seals I hate——it’s the audience’s enjoyment of them that bothers me.”

Bret Easton Ellis

“Everybody is within reach of a television set. And so they’re all politicized, and they’re all stimulated, and then they have these desires, pleasures, hates, resentments, and so on, and they’re reacting instantaneously.”

Brent Scowcroft

“When I get honest, I admit I am a bundle of paradoxes. I believe and I doubt, I hope and get discouraged, I love and I hate, I feel bad about feeling good, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty. I am trusting and suspicious. I am honest and I still play games. Aristotle said I am a rational animal; I say I am an angel with an incredible capacity for beer.”

Brennan Manning

“The simple truth is that you can understand the way you are. You can know and love and hate it. You can blame it, resent it, and nothing changes. In the end, you’re just a part of it.”

Brenna Yovanoff

“It’s just I hate reading the description ‘offbeat’ about a character in a script, because I, along with Seth Green, Jamie Kennedy and a few others, have cornered the market on ‘offbeat.'”


Breckin Meyer

“You are out of control, Rand al’Thor,’ she declared. I do what must be done,’ he said, speaking now from the shadows. He sounded exhausted. … I hate what you just did, Rand,’ Nynaeve snarled. ‘No, “Hate” isn’t strong enough. I loathe what you’ve done. What has happened to you?’ Test him!’ Rand whispered, voice dangerous. ‘Before condemning me, let us first determine if my sins have achieved anything beyond my own damnation.”

Brandon Sanderson

“You will find that hate can unify people more quickly and more fervently than devotion ever could.”

Brandon Sanderson

“I hate how my past actions keep messing up my future options, Seth muttered. Then you’ve started down the road to wisdom, Grandpa replied.”

Brandon Mull

“i hate how my past actions keep messing up my future choices” Seth Sorson aka ” fablehaven ” (my son’s quote)”

Brandon Mull

“Miserable people love to make other people miserable. I don’t hate them, I just feel sorry for them.”

Brandi Glanville

“I always go heavy and I always go to failure. Even when I tell myself I’m gonna go easy, once I get to the gym and start working, I never end up going easy. I hate leaving the floor feeling like I could have done more weight or more reps. I just love working out and going further than I ever did before.”

Branch Warren