“Perhaps no other book has been denounced so vigorously by those who have never read it as has the Book of Mormon.”


Boyd K. Packer

“It seems not to have been written. It is the quintessence of life. It is the basic truth.”

Brooks Atkinson

“I have been kicked out of my home for being gay. I felt that.”

Brooke Candy

“I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my beauty routine and always have been.”


Brittany Snow

“I’ve grown environmentally. I’m far more cautious, although I always have been; but more now. And I have grown a lot professionally by working with George Miller.”


Brittany Murphy

“I have been seized by the power of a great affection.”

Brennan Manning

“I’m happy to have been a positive influence.”


Bonnie Raitt

“I want to see the stats for how many crosses there have been; it’s been incredulous”


Bobby Gould

“My entire life has been a lie.”


Bobby Darin

“Traditionally, art has been for the select few.”


Bob Ross

“Everything has been created twice once on a mental plain and once on a physical plain.”


Bob Proctor

“This has been a dream for me.”


Blake Griffin

“This has been a dream for me.”


Blake Griffin

“I don’t care what consequence it brings, I have been a fool for lesser things.”


Billy Joel

“Recommending or insisting on abstinence has been completely ineffective.”


Bill Nye