“Everybody wants to disown neocon strategy, including the neocons, because that strategy never worked. Still, it was, in point of fact, a strategy. Nobody else has one.”


Bruce Sterling

“Well now everything dies baby that’s a factBut maybe everything that dies someday comes back.”


Bruce Springsteen

“You will never learn anything new unless you are ready to accept yourself with your limitations. You must accept the fact that you are capable in some directions and limited in others, and you must develop your capabilities.”


Bruce Lee

“You must accept the fact that there is no help but self-help. I cannot tell you how to gain freedom since freedom exists within you.”


Bruce Lee

“When I was in the business as a young performer, it was a recognised fact that when you got to 60 you were out, because there’d be a new crop of comics coming up all the time, every 10 years or so.”


Bruce Forsyth

“I am ignoring you. In fact, I think you are a figment of my imagination.”


Bruce Coville

“It is like living in a wilderness of mirrors. No fact goes unchallenged.”

Bruce Babbitt

“Life is seldom as unendurable as, to judge by the facts, it logically ought to be.”

Brooks Atkinson

“Get the facts. Ask questions and listen intently to the answers before responding.”


Brian Tracy

“The fact is that you can’t do everything that you have to do. You have to procrastinate on something. Therefore, procrastinate on small tasks.”


Brian Tracy

“The sad fact is that people are poor because they have not yet decided to be rich. People are overweight and unfit because they have not yet decided to be thin and fit. People are inefficient time wasters because they haven’t yet decided to be highly productive in everything they do.”


Brian Tracy

“I think that there’s something that I still like about the fact of a package, like the latest report from somebody. “Okay, this is what they’re up to now; this is what they’re doing; who’s working with them?”


Brian Eno

“It’s just a fact of life. Everybody grows up and goes through changes, and our audience has seen it all.”


Brian Austin Green

“In fact, people have been very complimentary about my act and very tolerant of my singing ability.”


Brett Somers

“My work is my language and I don’t discuss it very easily. It’s difficult for me to verbalize my feelings, or to intellectualize my work. In fact, it used to annoy me when Ansel Adams and Paul Strand yak-yak-yakked about what photography meant, and I told them so.”


Brett Weston

“When I was 13, Eddie Murphy was to me what Chris Tucker was to 13-year-olds when I made ‘Rush Hour.’ And ‘Rush Hour’ really came out of the fact that I grew up watching ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ and ’48 Hrs.'”

Brett Ratner

“Hollywood has more than its share of harsh and crewel stories. In fact, it’s probably more the norm than the exception.”

Brent Spiner

“The fact is, the contest has always been invulnerability, and even when you win, you still lose.”

Brenna Yovanoff

“It’s actually a rather romantic and dramatic story — one I would eagerly tell you, except for the fact that I recently forgot it, based on it being far too long and having not enough decapitations.”

Brandon Sanderson

“Spook: No, I’m not troubled. In fact, I actually think everything is going to be all right. Finally.”

Brandon Sanderson