“You can not bring back the past. But you certainly can not repeat it. Life is short, even if live to ninety. Live to the fullest – that’s how I feel. Appreciate every moment, every hour, every day, because they do not blink of an eye, all over. I am absolutely sure that for most people their death comes as a surprise.”


Bruce Willis

“Keep your eyes on Christ, not the circumstances you find yourself in or the feelings you are experiencing.”


Bruce Wilkinson

“Anything that can be done to a rat can be done to a human being. And we can do most anything to rats. This is a hard thing to think about, but it’s the truth. It won’t go away because we cover our eyes. THAT is cyberpunk.”


Bruce Sterling

“So tell me what I see when I look in your eyes, is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise?”


Bruce Springsteen

“You can go from doing something quite silly to something dead serious in the blink of an eye, and if you’re making those connections with your audience then they’re going to go right along with it.”


Bruce Springsteen

“That to me was the most poignant part of Diana’s wedding; as she was walking up the aisle and her eyes were going left to right, looking at people and smiling in the way that Diana did – and that diamond tiara glittering like mad. It was great.”


Bruce Oldfield

“I’ve generally got a good eye for design and proportion.”


Bruce Oldfield

“If your opponent is at a distance, kick him in the groin. If he gets close, poke him in the eyes, bring up your knee, pop him with an elbow, dig a corkscrew punch to his stomach.”


Bruce Lee

“Never take your eyes off your opponent, even when you bow.”


Bruce Lee

“When you fight, if it is a real fight, use every tool that you have, use your whole body. Use your fists, your legs, your fingers, your head if you have to, and hit them in every vulnerable spot, the balls, the eyes etc. to win.”


Bruce Lee

“If you are dyslexic, your eyes work fine, your brain works fine, but there is a little short circuit in the wire that goes between the eye and the brain. Reading is not a fluid process.”


Bruce Jenner

“Social media is fine, but we need to put the phones down and look somebody in the eye. Talk to your neighbor. Talk to your community. Especially talk to the one you love. It’s all about connection. It’s hard, but it’s ultimately what gives us meaning in the world.”


Bruce Feiler

“In Hitchcocks eyes the movement was dramatic, not the acting. When he wanted the audience to be moved, he moved the camera. He was a subtle human being, and he was also the best director I have ever worked with.”


Bruce Dern

“Almost all the military personnel were wearing sunglasses. No Iraqis wear sunglasses. They really want to see your eyes. So immediately they can’t trust the Americans.”


Bruce Cockburn

“Lord, spit on our eyes that we may see, how to wake up from this tragedy.”


Bruce Cockburn

“Our American heritage is greater than any one of us. It can express itself in very homely truths; in the end it can lift up our eyes beyond the glow in the sunset skies.”


Bruce Catton

“So I think we shouldn’t be overly concerned about the decline in personal saving at this particular moment and time, but it’s something we certainly need to keep an eye on.”

Bruce Bartlett

“Blind in the eye, so I see you with my heart”

Brother Ali

“Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.”

Brooke Westcott

“I would sit in the back at church every Sunday trying to hide, and just when I thought I’d gotten through the service without her [grandmother] calling on me to sing ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow,’ she’d always call me up”

Brooke Valentine