“Comedy is so hard to do, so it was very cool to do dead pan humor.”


Brittany Daniel

“In comedy timing is everything, but Betty White is the rarest of comics who seems to have mastered time itself.”


Brian Williams

“I’m a laugher and a lover of comedy.”

Brett Ratner

“I’m an actor. I’ve always been an actor. I’ve always approached all my comedy as an actor. I don’t really care about jokes either. I tire of jokes.”

Brett Gelman

“Comedy is about flaws anyway… There’s a lot of humor in the dark areas of life.”

Brett Gelman

“You’ll laugh at the comedy of errors that is my life.”

Bret Michaels

“Comedy really is my bread and butter, even when I’m doing a serious character, with the exception of Outcast. I have found very little humor in this character. Most of the time, what I do, somewhere there is comedy in it.”

Brent Spiner

“I just want to continue to do comedy. Comedy, I’m discovering, is my niche. It’s what I’m born to do, so I would love to have my own sitcom one day in the future.”

Brandy Norwood

“I’m always doing comedy and will never hit up a 9-to-5 desk job.”

Brandon T. Jackson

“I really have a love for comedy. I can’t express it enough.”

Brandon T. Jackson

“Comedy is very difficult. I love it because when you do it right, its the best feeling in the world.”

Brandon Jay McLaren

“I’ve never heard of a comedy that hasn’t had reshoots, especially for the ending of a movie in a comedy.”


Bradley Cooper

“I definitely am a huge lover of comedy, and it’s only through doing so many comedies that I’ve realised how much of an influence they’ve been on me.”


Bradley Cooper

“I just don’t get if you have ever gotten offended by a joke, why would you go to a comedy club? That’s where jokes happen.”


Brad Williams

“It’s not that comedy has changed in terms of what’s funny. For me, it’s changed in that sometimes I don’t feel my finger is on the pulse.”


Bobby Lee

“In the world of comedy, having a partner is not the most unusual thing.”


Bobby Farrelly

“In comedy, though, it’s good to get feedback from the audience about what they find funny.”


Bobby Farrelly

“I feel reviewers are tougher on comedies in general. They don’t take them seriously, and the ones that get great reviews are not necessarily the ones that I like.”


Bobby Farrelly

“What I’ve learned about comedy people is that they’re defined by the harshest level they’ve been to, their personal Auschwitz.”


Bob Saget