“If I had a choice, I would do comedy all the time. It’s just the most challenging thing. To make someone laugh is the most challenging thing, and the most rewarding thing, in entertainment.”


Bruce Willis

“For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together.”


Bruce Springsteen

“Our lives are made up of thousands of everyday choices. Over the years these little choices will be bundled together and show clearly what we value.”


Boyd K. Packer

“In or out of marriage, abortion is not an individual choice. At a minimum, three lives are involved.”


Boyd K. Packer

“I have always been a martial artist by choice, an actor by profession, but above all, am actualising myself to be an artist of life.”


Bruce Lee

“Awareness is without choice, without demand, without anxiety; in that state of mind, there is perception.”


Bruce Lee

“Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing. Awareness is without choice, without demand, without anxiety; in that state of mind, there is perception. To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person. Awareness has no frontier; it is giving of your whole being, without exclusion.”


Bruce Lee

“We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of life. We have free will. And we have choices. Consequently our success is based on our choices, which are, in turn, totally dependent on our awareness.”


Bruce H. Lipton

“I think on some level, that’s a fear that exists in everybody, that if we’re tested, we won’t make the courageous choice. We won’t make the decision that would make us heroic. We make the decision that would reveal us to be all too human.”


Bruce Greenwood

“Every time I sit down to eat, I cast my lot: for mercy, against misery; for the oppressed, against the oppressor; and for compassion, against cruelty. There is a lot of suffering in the world, but how much suffering can be addressed with literally no time or effort on our part? We can just stop supporting it, by making different choices.”


Bruce Friedrich

“The Savior desires to save us from our inadequacies as well as our sins. Inadequacy is not the same as being sinful – we have far more control over the choice to sin than we may have over our innate capacity. . . . A sense of falling short or falling down is not only natural but essential to the mortal experience. Still, after all we can do, the Atonement can fill that which is empty, straighten our bent parts, and make strong that which is weak.”


Bruce C. Hafen

“Equal partnerships are not made in heaven-they are made on earth, one choice at a time, one conversation at a time, one threshold crossing at a time.”


Bruce C. Hafen

“When we love someone it is because we built that feeling, bit by bit. It’s a choice. It’s what we make only for ourselves.”

Bruce Brooks

“When you choose to overcome something that could paralyze people, you have the choice to either let that happen or use that as a stepping-stone to something new and different in the future.”

Brooke Burns

“I am an eternal optimist. Being happy is a choice. And you can make that choice every day, if you want to.”


Brittany Murphy

“Sticking to your values, listening to your instincts, making your own choices is so important.”


Brittany Murphy

“I believe this choice is ethical, and what makes it ethical is it is a choice.”


Brittany Maynard

“If you ever find yourself walking a mile in my shoes, I hope that you would be at least be given the same choice.”


Brittany Maynard

“Who has the right to tell me that I don’t deserve this choice?”


Brittany Maynard

“When you come out to L.A. to make movies or to do this kind of work, everybody is coming out on their own and you leave your tribe behind. Then, it’s a question of, that was your tribe by blood, and now, what is the tribe that you’re making by choice or by what you think is important? I think we were having that experience, so somehow the cult world seemed really compelling.”


Brit Marling