“cause down the shore everything’s all right”


Bruce Springsteen

“Defense is attack, attack is defense, each being the cause and result of the other.”


Bruce Lee

“Can you look at a situation without naming it? Naming it, making it a word, causes fear.”


Bruce Lee

“One great cause of failure is lack of concentration.”


Bruce Lee

“A certain combination of incompetence and indifference can cause almost as much suffering as the most acute malevolence.”


Bruce Catton

“I wouldn’t take nothin’ but a Ford: F-O-R-D, period. Ain’t nothin’ like a Ford. I wouldn’t drive a Chevrolet ’cause I can’t spell it.”

Bruce Bruce

“It all boils down to the music. That’s what causes longevity.”


Britney Spears

“Do the tasks that causes you the most fear, anxiety, or stress – and get over it.”


Brian Tracy

“Action without planning is the cause of all failure. Action with planning is the cause of all success.”


Brian Tracy

“If we’re damaged it will take 20 years to fix ourselves. It only takes one year to cause 20 years of damage.”


Brian Schmidt

“I’ve played myself before this [“Brent Spiner”] – and I’ve played myself since, for that matter – and playing yourself one of the most difficult characters you can play, ’cause God knows most of us don’t know who that is.”

Brent Spiner

“I think it’s the business part of the word show business that causes me the most concern.”

Brent Spiner

“Causes have a way of tainting your reason until a person takes much bigger risks than sanity would otherwise allow.”

Brandon Mull

“Please don’t assault me with that meat amalgam. It would surely cause infection”

Brandon Mull

“If you’re really on top, you probably didn’t do that great, ’cause you have to water it down a bit for it to get that mass appeal”


Brad Paisley

“Never like seein’ strangers. Guess it’s cause no stranger ever good newsed me.”


Borden Chase

“Some sins may help you to remember Allah while some blessings may cause you to forget Him”


Boonaa Mohammed

“I’m as skeptical as anyone would be about celebrities and causes – and I will dare to say to you that I don’t think of myself as a celebrity per se.”