“I had no idea Canada could be so much fun.”


Bruce Willis

“Canada entered World War I as a colony and came out a nation.”


Bruce Hutchison

“The Supreme Court of Canada has given prisoners the “right” to vote. Is it not time that non-jailed citizens were given reciprocity with a “right” that prisoners have; namely the freedom to bypass the public system when it fails to provide reasonable access?”


Brian Day

“My mother is Ukrainian. She immigrated to the U.S. from Canada as a child.”


Bob Schaffer

“It is not really our country so much is the problem, it’s sort of the parasitic relationship that Canada, and France, and other countries have towards us.”


Bob Corker

“We [ with Brian Mulroney and Rajiv Gandhi] went to the meeting in Canada [the 1987 Vancouver CHOGM] and I said to them there that sanctions weren’t working; they were just being busted. And it did seem to me that one way that we could bring the apartheid regime down would be if we did mount an effective investment sanction.”


Bob Hawke

“It was a remarkable relationship. Margaret [Thatcher] and I had a love/hate relationship. She was always defending the South African regime and we had some terrible fights, including an enormous one in Canada.”


Bob Hawke

“I assumed the leadership within the Commonwealth for the fight against apartheid. I was very much assisted by Brian Mulroney, the Prime Minister of Canada, [and] Rajiv Gandhi, when he became the Prime Minister of India. And there were trade sanctions.”


Bob Hawke

“We came off the road of the last tour very inspired to just keep playing, so we went to Canada.”


Billy Sherwood

“I think if Donald Trump won, I would move to Canada.”


Bill Jay

“The nice thing about being detained in Canada is it’s like being in a Days Inn; it’s very clean and very nice.”

Bill Ayers

“Canada’s Far North is where I knew I had to go.”


Bern Will Brown

“The Czech Republic stood with the U.S., Canada and a handful of other countries against the prevailing international current, but history has shown us time and again that what is right is not what is popular.”


Benjamin Netanyahu

“Here in Canada, in the Western world, we are inside the walls. Outside the walls are the barbarians.”


Barbara Amiel