“Imagine what your life will look like when you have broken the bondage of fear.”


Bruce Wilkinson

“Badlands, you got to live it everyday, let the broken hearts stand as the price you’ve got to pay.”


Bruce Springsteen

“It is better to live as a broken piece of jade, than to live as a useless clay.”


Bruce Lee

“If it’s not tested, it’s broken.”


Bruce Eckel

“Sometimes when you mend a chain, the place where you fix it is strongest of all… Never was a chain that couldn’t be broken. Sometimes its even a good idea.”


Bruce Coville

“I don’t think anyone can give you advice when you’ve got a broken heart.”


Britney Spears

“If you lose your purpose … it’s like you’re broken.”


Brian Selznick

“Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me a little sad, because it isn’t able to do what it was meant to do…Maybe it’s the same with people,” Hugo continued. “If you lose your purpose…it’s like you’re broken.”


Brian Selznick

“Let me make this real simple. You will not break me. The hole will not break me. I will not break. I will not be broken.”

Brent Weeks

“As we come to grips with our own selfishness and stupidity, we make friends with the impostor and accept that we are impoverished and broken and realize that, if we were not, we would be God. The art of gentleness toward ourselves leads to being gentle with others — and is a natural prerequisite for our presence to God in prayer.”

Brennan Manning

“To be alive is tobe broken; to be broken is to stand in need of grace.”

Brennan Manning

“It’s strange, but seeing something broken is somehow worse when you can tell that it used to be beautiful.”

Brenna Yovanoff

“The things I had were mine and some of them were broken, but they were real. They were so very far from nothing.”

Brenna Yovanoff

“The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken. It’s like anunspoken cosmic rule.”


Bree Despain

“Urges … every man has urges. But the true measure of man is to admit them, to learn to control them. The Shield used to refer to themselves as the most dominant force in our universe. But that ain’t the way I remember it. They fell victim to the faults of men. Their lust and greed and valor for glory, it led them right down in the pit, where they belong. Tonight, they’ll burn for it. For I am no man. I am reborn. Our bond can never be broken, and our urges can never be satisfied.”


Bray Wyatt

“I don’t know how you’re standing here. Yet you haven’t broken. Not where it matters. Having come this far, I’m not sure you can be broken.”

Brandon Mull

“Give me Your eyes for just one second, Give me Your eyes so I can see, Everything that I keep missing, Give me Your love for humanity, Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted, The ones that are far beyond my reach, Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten, Give me Your eyes so I can see”

Brandon Heath

“Being proposed to all is very nice and all that sort of thing, but it isn’t at all a happy thing when you have to see a poor fellow, whom you know loves you honestly, going away and looking all broken-hearted, and to know that, no matter what he may say at the moment, you are passing quite out if his life”

Bram Stoker

“The appearance of the law must be upheld – especially when it’s being broken.”


Boss Tweed

“I now realize that a broken back, failed surgery, and Stage IV cancer are three of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Three of the most positive, transformative things that ever happened to me. They helped me become a vastly better person than I ever was, and I am eternally grateful for that.”


Brad Willis