“I have the best job in the world. There’s not really a lot to moan or whine about. I’ve got the privilege of going out and doing something I absolutely love.”


Boy George

“Acting in particular is a fun job when you have a good script. I don’t know about acting when you don’t have a great script. I’m gonna say that’s not a great job, it’s kind of a dumb job. But when you have a good part in a good script, it’s the best job, in a way.”


Bob Odenkirk

“Acting is the best job in the world. Look at the way they treat you when you turn up for work. They give you breakfast and a cup of tea and ask, ‘Are you all right’ They tart up your face, you say somebody else’s words, then pick up your check and go home. And you get days off. I tell you, it really is the way to live.”


Bob Hoskins

“Keep your head down. Mind your business and do the best job you can.”


Bill Raftery

“I just try to do the best job I possibly can – put the blinders on, go to work and be the best you can possibly be. Once you have done everything that you possibly can – you’ve put forth your greatest effort – then I can live with whatever’s next.”


Bill Parcells

“The best verse hasn’t been rhymed yet, The best house hasn’t been planned, The highest peak hasn’t been climbed yet, The mightiest rivers aren’t spanned; Don’t worry and fret, faint-hearted, The chances have just begun For the best jobs haven’t been started, The best work hasn’t been done.”


Berton Braley

“I’m not concentrated or concerned with any other factors rather than just being able to do the best job that I can.”


Benigno Aquino III

“I have talent at playing myself. I don’t have a very broad range, but at playing myself I am a wizard. It’s more than fun; it’s the best job on Earth.”


Ben Stein