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Covid-19, astrology and psychic




Covid-19, astrology and psychic

Covid-19, astrology and psychic

The booming pandemic corona virus has created hype of curiosity around the globe. People are seeking answers in the lockdown as when it will stop? What will happen next, and will it eliminate?. Astrology predicted the surprising statement that corona virus will end soon. After the corona virus, astrology and psychic Business is rising because people are feeling the urge to get back to their healthy lives, as government and medical specialists are clueless. Also, continuous lockdown increases depression and anxiety among people. There are many astrologers and psychics online offering their services to help you out with its effects. Here you can find the best astrologers and psychiatrist’s views on this issue Here you can find opinions and findings of experts that will help you in composing yourself in the tedious and exhausting situation of lockdown. You can read information and best reviews around the world from the experts about the novel COVID- 19.Covid-19, astrology and psychic


With the increasing number of infected corona patients, Everyone is hoping for the COVID-19 vaccine, which will stop this contagious virus. Corona has infected almost 90 countries in the world. It has ruined the economy and increased unemployment around the globe. Though the death ratio is comparatively lower than the number of infected patients. If we see the numbers of infected people, there are over three million infected people in the world. Every country is in the struggle to make the corona vaccine. Many astrologers predicted the end of the virus soon in the coming months. Though there is no exact date when it will. Some astrological calculations show that the novel corona virus will start reducing after mid-May when Jupiter will rise the disease will end. Another prophecy says that the illness will end when the planet changes its position. So the astrological predictions and the prophecies have some similarities about the end of the disease. The majority of astrologers are in favor of the speculation that the corona virus will end after 15th May, or in September. This is the period when Saturn will enter Capricorn, and mars will join Jupiter. Although Jupiter stays in gathering more than one year in normal circumstances, and Jupiter’s stay is going to complete in the coming five months. The planetary positions play a vital role in the state of affairs on earth.

Moreover, according to one Indian astrologer, if Jupiter stays in three gatherings in one year, it is considered to be the sign of a severe crisis. But there also chances that relief is coming as Mars is changing its position and entering in Aquarius. So the planetary ranks indicate that the effect of the corona virus will wear off soon from the world. Some researchers will introduce the vaccine for the virus, and this will be a great relief for the world. The adverse effects of Jupiter will end when it enters Sagittarius, and this will call positive changes in the world. Along with the changes, Jupiter will remain in its motion, which will improve in September. Due to this reason, astrologers believe that disease will end in September, and its effects start reducing from mid-may.

How will it end?

As fast it spread around the world, it will culminate before vanishing overnight. Astrology is a way that has helped a lot in life, As one young astrologer predicted about COVID-19 outbreak in 2019. Later he becomes a sensation on social media due to his prediction. His new video on youtube revealed the reality of the virus and its fate that it will vanish in 2020 or maybe in early 2021. One of the teen astrologers videos claims the exact end date of coronavirus. Therefore later, he revised his words that media has misinterpreted his statement though he believes that in 2020 or 2021, it will end. According to astrology predictions, corona cases will start dropping gradually, but do not mean it will go away within a day. On social media and mainstream media have an article about this pandemic. The question is answerless as the rigid virus and the condition of the world is unpredictable. Everyone is trying hard to find a way out. Human life and also the development is under threat. People are getting frustrated as they have no job and earning to feed their families. Little by little, this virus is eating the prosperity in the world. Even the most influential nations are weak in front of this pandemic. Every country is disturbed and trying hard to find a way out. 

Covid-19, astrology and psychic

Science and astrology

the contradiction among the statements is confusing as some astrologers claim that it will end soon, and some say that it will start reducing in may. Therefore, the overall condition reveals some other factors. The planetary positions are also predicting that the pandemic will end with the change of the planets. Alsop scientist admits that the positions of the stars are changing, and this will affect the atmosphere of the world eventually. Other astrologists believe even after conquering the stubborn pandemic; the human will face more dangerous virus outbreaks in the future. We may get success in creating a vaccine for the virus, but superbugs will attack and put humans in danger again. Astrologers are predicting as per planetary positions. Furthermore, they are performing many rituals and practices to gain knowledge; for example, Astrologers can thank as well by secretly be grateful to their starts. Many cultures acknowledge astrology prophecies, like Indians and us public spending most of their time cooking and reading astrology reading to see what their future is containing for them, especially regarding corona. The grounded in nature lockdown is causing people the same amount of irritation and fear of the future. Many have watched movies about out of the blue disasters that have created more fear in majorities’ heart. Corona is presenting the same film as a situation all over the world.

Covid-19, astrology and psychic


On the journey to get better physical health, also emotional wellness, spirituality, finances, social life, and relationships, every field requires attention. Sometimes it becomes difficult to focus on every part, and that is the moment when you need a healer and game-changers to bring harmony in your life. Experts can provide you tips to get a better experience in unpredictable circumstances.

Psychic Sylvia also once shared about the pandemic, that severe illness will disturb the world in the current year. Coronavirus is sweeping the globe with its perilous effects. 

Browne’s book “End of the days” is reflecting in the current situation caused by the deadly virus. There are many prophecies about the end of the world that can make us believe in them as seeing the uncontrolled infection. That has failed all technologies and the human mind. Old historians predicted 2012 the last day of earth, yet we are surviving in threatening natural disasters.

Many predictions notion about the stubborn virus, like pneumonia-like disease, will turn into a pandemic and will cause lungs and severe respiratory infections. Browne also mentioned that the illness would suddenly vanish as fast as it spread around the globe. Hence it will attack ten years later and will disappear completely.

Therefore, he also claimed his psychic abilities. Many psychics have shared such indications about the virus earlier. Psychics are actively online to offer you their service, so for psychic chat services, you can contact them. 


In such an unpredictable situation nothing is sure yet everyone is trying their best to get rid of this problem.  Life-threatening illness has changed the whole life, and every individual is seeking answers for their questions. Astrology and psychic both can predict and provide some hope in the darkness where everyone is frustrated and vulnerable.  Also, contact with astrologers and psychics would be a great idea as they have expertise in their field and can save you from exhaustion and pessimism. No one knows what will come next as the way this virus has disturbed everything is frightening. Therefore, astrologers and psychics are confident in their statements about the corona. So it is better to see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than grounding ourselves in the darkness of despondency. You can contact experts online and can get an appointment as they are offering their services online. This is a great way to have a chat with some experts and get answers . as watching the news and counting numbers of infected people is defiantly not good.   

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11 Life Lessons I’ve had to Learn—Over & Over Again

Tara Christie



11 Life Lessons I’ve had to Learn—Over & Over Again

As we grow mature, we realise that there are a lot of life lessons we need to learn. Some we already know but are just too hard to apply in our lives. In everything that we do our life lessons are essential. here are some life lessons that we can look back and realize in our lives…

It is the human way to not quite get it the first time.

Or the second, third, or fourth time, for that matter.

Why is it that we must come to the same conclusions over and over again? Will any of us ever relearn enough life lessons to actually make changes or finally think differently?

There are some themes that rise to the surface repeatedly—realizations we need to remember:

1. Less is moreAlways. We purge, we buy. We buy some more, then we purge again. We declare to the world that we will live as minimalists, and we try to let go of what doesn’t serve us, yet the lure of shiny, new “things” keeps us coming back for more. Why can’t we learn to just say no to excess stuff?

2. Money solves (almost) nothing. Most of us think money will solve some of our problems. It certainly solves our care and keeping issues, such as food on our tables and roofs over our heads. But once our basic needs are met, money doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot except “enhance” our lifestyle with material clutter. Having extra things doesn’t solve depression, or a lack of motivation.

We can’t buy our way into a lasting relationship. Money doesn’t alleviate waning passion and it doesn’t feed our creativity. It may make us feel secure, but it can’t be exchanged for happiness.

3. No other person will ever love us better or more than we love ourselves. And we shouldn’t expect them to. We live in our own bodies and minds. We are born alone, and we die alone. It is important to cultivate a quality relationship with our true self because it’s the only one that lasts from birth to death. Prioritizing emotional and physical self-care is the key to prosperity, but we must be reminded to do so.


11 Life Lessons I’ve had to Learn—Over & Over Again.


4. We cannot fix other people. We think we can, but we can’t. We may love them above and beyond. We may push them to get treatment, or make them aware of unhealthy patterns and choices. We may choose to stay, or we can leave, but neither action will fix a broken person. People “projects” are total energy sappers.

5. Being blunt is always better than being passive-aggressive. Even if it hurts a little. Being direct is the respectful way to communicate, because it doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Making people guess how we’re feeling is selfish. It’s better to rip the Band-Aid off clean than to slowly and painfully peel it.

6. If you eat sh*t, you will feel like sh*t, and then you will look like sh*t (eventually). Why must we learn this one over and over again? Crap goes in, crap comes out. Of course, we all want the unhealthy stuff occasionally, but if we are consistent with clean eating habits, other habits like getting enough sleep and exercise tend to fall into line.

7. Art, in every form, matters. Expression matters. Being “moved” by art leads us in new directions. It sets the stage for new perspectives. To indifferently walk by an artist busking in the street, sharing his talent and spirit with all who pass by, is to dismiss humanity. Edgy, interesting, ugly, beautiful, unique—art matters because it feeds human emotion. Appreciating creative expression is a mindful practice.

8. Lies are poison. Lies do not serve anyone in the long run, the short run, or anywhere in between. Something we seemingly need to learn throughout our lifetime is that the truth is our most valuable resource. And if we live it, we can teach it too.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ~ Winston Churchill

9. Truth requires courage. Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is the scariest, bravest thing we ever do throughout our lives. It doesn’t matter if our truth is big or small. When we are truthful with ourselves and others, we live authentically, and with integrity.

Amy Schumer said something in one of her bits about her husband being on the autism spectrum and the fact that he cannot lie, ever, about anything. He simply blurts out the truth, and that’s what she finds most endearing about him. Truth is a powerful lesson, and we realize it repeatedly.

10. Our soul stays hungry unless we feed it. Hungry for adventure and experiences. Hungry for enlightenment and peace. For savoring the present moments and not dwelling on the past or pining for the future. What we outwardly crave the most is vitality and connection, and learning to feed our hunger again and again fuels what we clearly seek as human beings: happiness.


11 Life Lessons I’ve had to Learn—Over & Over Again


11. We don’t need a bathing suit to go swimming. In other words, we don’t need much at all to do the things we love or want to try. We don’t need special equipment or boots to go for a hike. We don’t need music or candles to enjoy some yoga. And we don’t need to go out for fancy dinners to catch up with friends. Waiting for moments of perfect timing and/or having everything we need in order to do what we want is a waste. The clock keeps ticking, and we don’t get to turn it back.

Can you name a few lessons you’ve learned again and again throughout your lifetime? The enlightenment we seek is often found in the realizations that rise repeatedly, right in front of us.

We would all be a bit wiser (and perhaps happier too!) to commit some of them to heart and memory.

Live life. Life is too short. These are some of the phrases we understand as we go along living our life. But we often forget some life lessons that come our way. This article has reminded us of the life lessons that we often take for granted. It reminds us that the little things are also important. There are many life lessons that we need to keep moving forward.

Additional reading on life lessons:

3 Ways to Take Responsibility For Your Happiness


7 Ways You Can Change the World


3 Ways to Be Happy Now



Original article by Kimberly Valzania. She practices mindful gratefulness. She is creatively driven to share her personal experience and opinion on weight loss, fitness, life changes, adventures in parenting, marriage, day-to-day triumphs (and failures) and the truth-seeking struggle of simply being human. As words tumble out, they are sorted into cohesive piles and delivered via poetry and short essays. She hates writing so much she can’t live without it.


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4 Simple Ways to Free Your Mind & Meditate More

Polly Stevens



4 Simple Ways to Free Your Mind & Meditate More

In this noisy world, meditation is often something that we all need. It shuts out the noise and we learn something deeper. In meditation, you free your mind. Here we learn the simple ways to free your mind and meditate more…

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Many of us find meditation incredibly difficult. Sitting, breathing… waiting? What is it all for, anyway? We read articles and watch documentaries on the powerful effects of meditation, however, the commitment to sit and meditate can be daunting. I have found some really simple practices that bring me to a meditative state that can be integrated at any moment in time. Whether you are eating dinner, talking with your family, or driving in your car, here are some simple practices to bring you back into the present moment:

4 simple ways to free your mind and meditate more



My favorite thing to clear my mind is to take a walk. Whether I am traveling in a new city or walking the streets of my hometown that I have seen a thousand times before, walking gives the experience of feeling fully integrated into the environment. Going for a walk increases endorphins, and most importantly, offers an opportunity to become more aware of your surroundings.


No matter what you are doing right now, you can stop, and take note of your five senses. What are you seeing? Do you notice colors, shapes, or something else? What do you smell? What are you touching? How does it feel? Are you tasting anything? What can you hear? Can you stop what you are thinking, and simply relax into the experience of the five senses?

By putting our awareness on the world around us, it instantly becomes no longer about “me,” and more about our surroundings. By bringing our awareness to our present experience through the body, we can instantly become grounded in the present moment. As we become more focused we are on our own experience, the less space there is for judgment, comparison, or anything of the like.


I find listening to be the most profound of the five senses. When my thoughts are going haywire, when I listen to the world around me, they instantly become silenced. Where we put our attention, energy follows. By putting our attention on the world outside of our minds, our energy follows.

4 simple ways to free your mind and meditate more



How words hold our creative power. When we learn to be impeccable with our word, we can experience how powerful they really are. When what we say, feel, and do are in alignment, we are in great mental health. When I slow down, and really listen to what I am about to say, I am able to speak my truth freely.

Life can be a living meditation, but it takes consistent awareness to return to the present moment. These are simple practices I have personally discovered which help me regain my grounding. In this space of presence, we have access to our greater intelligence and connection in our lives. We are all already what we are looking for if we could only stop to experience it, right here, and right now. For more tips and tools on yoga, meditation, healing and the arts, head over to The Inside World.

Learning to meditate is the best way to free your mind. These easy steps here are handy. you can do these steps anytime. When you feel you need to free your mind, head over to the steps listed and meditate more…

Original post by Lexi Faith. Lexi teaches Sattva Yoga and Yoga therapy, meditation, reiki and is an artist based in Bali, Indonesia. She is passionate about guiding women to reconnect to their creative, intuitive nature through coaching, yoga, meditation and the arts, and she offers daily drop-in classes and retreats around the world. 

Read more on meditation here:

How To Meditate: A Complete Guide To Meditation

Everyday Mindfulness: 7 Steps to Deepening Presence in Daily Activities

Self Improvement Advice: Meditation

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113 Bob Ross Quotes On Life & Positive Vibes

Wise Life Lesson



113 Bob Ross Quotes

Robert Norman Ross was a famous American painter. he later became a well-known host and an internet celebrity. Bob Ross was famous for his television program, “The Joy of Painting.” His positivity is contagious. To get more of his positive outlook, here are famous Bob Ross quotes for your inspiration…

bob ross quotes funny


Bob Ross Quotes


There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”

“I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.”

“You too can paint almighty pictures.”

No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen. - Bob Ross Click to Tweet

“Don’t forget to make all these little things individuals — all of them special in their own way.”

“Find freedom on this canvas.”

“It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy.”

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do.”

“[Painting] will bring a lot of good thoughts to your heart.”

“We artists are a different breed of people. We’re a happy bunch.”

“We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.”

“That’s a crooked tree. We’ll send him to Washington.”

“Every day is a good day when you paint.”

“I think each of us, sometime in our life, has wanted to paint a picture.”

“We tell people sometimes: We’re like drug dealers, come into town and get everybody absolutely addicted to painting. It doesn’t take much to get you addicted.”

“They say everything looks better with odd numbers of things. But sometimes I put even numbers — just to upset the critics.”

Read on for Bob Ross quotes…


bob ross inspirational quotes


Best Bob Ross Quotes

We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents. - Bob Ross Click to Tweet

“Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say, ‘Everyone needs a friend.”

“See how it fades right into nothing. That’s just what you’re looking for.”

“If I paint something, I don’t want to have to explain what it is.”

“Water’s like me. It’s lazy. Boy, it always looks for the easiest way to do things.”

“In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when I get home, the only thing I have power over is the garbage.”

“Don’t forget to tell these special people in your life just how special they are to you.”

“Didn’t you know you had that much power? You can move mountains. You can do anything.”

“I like to beat the brush.”

“Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall.”

“Talk to the tree, make friends with it.”

“I taught my son to paint mountains like these, and guess what? Now he paints the best darn mountains in the industry.”

“I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the ‘Mona Lisa’ with a two-inch brush.”

“Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper.”

More Bob Ross quotes…


“Use absolutely no pressure. Just like an angel’s wing.”

“You can do anything you want to do. This is your world.”

“You have to allow the paint to break to make it beautiful.”

“However you think it should be, that’s exactly how it should be.”

“In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees.”

“You can have anything you want in the world – once you help everyone around you get what they want.”

“This is happy place; little squirrels live here and play.”

“That’s where the crows will sit. But we’ll have to put an elevator to put them up there because they can’t fly, but they don’t know that, so they still try.”

“Remember how free clouds are. They just lay around in the sky all day long.”

“We don’t really know where this goes – and I’m not sure we really care.”

“If we’re going to have animals around we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them.”

“You can do anything here – the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.”

“Go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is.”

“Isn’t it fantastic that you can change your mind and create all these happy things?”

“Anytime you learn, you gain.”

“It’s life. It’s interesting. It’s fun.”

“The only thing worse than yellow snow is green snow.”

Get inspiration from Bob Ross quotes here…


bob ross quotes


Famous Bob Ross Quotes


“I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.”

“Look around. Look at what we have. Beauty is everywhere—you only have to look to see it.”

“Just go out and talk to a tree. Make friends with it.”

“Trees cover up a multitude of sins.”

“How do you make a round circle with a square knife? That’s your challenge for the day.”

“I remember when my Dad told me as a kid, ‘If you want to catch a rabbit, stand behind a tree and make a noise like a carrot. Then when the rabbit comes by you grab him.’ Works pretty good until you try to figure out what kind of noise a carrot makes…”

“Oooh, if you have never been to Alaska, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Sam. He said if you don’t go, you’re going to jail. That is how Uncle Sam asks you.”

“Look around. Look at what we have. Beauty is everywhere—you only have to look to see it.”

Find words of wisdom from these famous Bob Ross quotes…


“This is your world. You’re the creator. Find freedom on this canvas. Believe, that you can do it, ‘cuz you can do it.”

“I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people.”

“It’s hard to see things when you are too close. Take a step back and look.”

“We don’t laugh because we feel good, we feel good because we laugh.”

“Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds. Yeah, they’re birds now.”

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

“You have unlimited power on this canvas — can literally, literally move mountains.”

bob ross quotes


Read more quotes from John Muir


“You need the dark in order to show the light.”

“Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say, ‘Everyone needs a friend.”

“If you do too much, it’s going to lose its effectiveness.”

“Don’t forget to make all these little things individuals — all of them special in their own way.”

“Anytime you learn, you gain.”

“You can do anything here — the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.”

“I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting.”

“You can do it! I know you can.”

“I don’t intimidate anyone. Instead, I try to get people to believe in themselves.”

“I believe, I believe every day is a good day when you paint.”

“I tell people, ‘You can do this.’ And they write back and say, ‘You were right. I can do this. And now I believe I can do anything.”

“No pressure. Just relax and watch it happen.”

“If you learned how to make a cloud, your time is not wasted.”

“We show people that anybody can paint a picture that they’re proud of. It may never hang in the Smithsonian, but it will certainly be something that they’ll hang in their home and be proud of. And that’s what it’s all about.”

“If you study my paintings, there are no signs of human life.”

“If painting teaches you nothing else, it teaches you to look at nature with different eyes, it will teach you to see things that have been there all your life, and you have never noticed.”

“Each one of us will see nature through different eyes, and that’s the way you should paint; just the way you see it.”

“Imagination is like any other muscle in your body, the more you practice, the better it becomes.

Just let your imagination take you anywhere you want to go. It’s your world, and in your world, you make all the decisions. Click to Tweet

“Exercising the imagination, experimenting with your talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul.”

“It’s not failure if you learn from it. Anything that you try and you don’t succeed, if you learn from it, it’s not a failure.”


More  Bob Ross quotes here…


famous bob ross quotes


Bob Ross Quotes Funny


“You have to allow the paint to break to make it beautiful.”

“I never turn down requests for interviews. I’m just rarely asked.”

“We’re gonna make some big decisions in our little world.”

“Isn’t it fantastic that you can change your mind and create all these happy things?”

“I’d like to just take him home and just keep him as a pet. But that’s not what he’s meant to be. He’s meant to be free.”

“It’s the imperfections that make something beautiful, that’s what makes it different and unique from everything else.”

“I don’t know if anything in nature ever grows exactly the same, but they are always exactly as the way it should be, perfectly itself.”

“You can do anything your heart can imagine.”

“Never think about the mistakes you made. Think about the mistakes you will make.”

“Possessing talent is nothing more than the continuous pursuit of a life-long interest.”

“You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy.”

“The least little bit can do so much.”

“Everyone has dreams. You are living the American dream, what’s wrong with pushing to secure it for everyone?”

“Tender as a Mothers love…and with my Mother that was certainly true.”

“The least little bit can do so much.”

“Everyone is going to see things differently, and that’s the way it should be.”

We have no limits to our World. We're only limited by our imagination. Click to Tweet

” I don’t always paint trees. But when I do, I feel happy. Trees have a way of inspiring happiness.”

Get more inspiration from Shakespeare’s Greatest Play – Hamlet


best bob ross quotes


“There’s nothing in the world that breeds success like success.”

“Life is too short to be alone, too precious. Share it with a friend.”

“Everything’s not great in Life, but we can still see beauty in it.”

“You’re the greatest thing that has ever been or ever will be. You’re special. You’re so very special.”

“We each see the world in our own way. That’s what makes it such a special place.”

“Everyone needs a friend. Friends are the most valuable things in the world.”

“That is when you can experience true joy, when you have no fear.”

“If you don’t think you can do this — you’re not realizing how simple it is.”

“Anything that you can visualize in your mind, you can do.”

Sometimes you can amaze yourself. - Bob Ross Click to Tweet

“We don’t need to set the sky on fire, a little glow will do just fine.”

“Don’t be afraid to make these big decisions. Once you start, they sort of just make themselves.”

“Once in awhile you need a little sorrow in your life.”

Get these funny and famous quotes from Bob Ross. These Bob Ross quotes make life a little lighter each day. These are quotes that make you get by day by day. Keep life simple and always look for the positive way…




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5 Steps to Stop Worrying & Start Living

Polly Stevens



stop worrying and start living

There’s no way to cure worry, says Elisha Goldstein. But we can learn to get better at recognizing it, and gently guide ourselves back to what matters. We learn how to stop worrying and start living.

We’ve all heard the saying that in life there are ups and down and there is the classic eastern saying that life is filled with 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. With this there’s the wisdom that all things come and go, but the brain has a funny way of amplifying the sorrows and minimizing the joys for good evolutionary reasons. Whenever the brain perceived something as “bad” it starts to worry about it. But often times there is no real utility to the worry, it only serves to dig us into a deeper hole and blinds us to the joys that might be waiting around the corner.

There really is no way to cure worrying, but we can learn to get better and better at recognizing it and gently guiding ourselves back to a sense of perspective and what matters.

1. Soften your understanding of worry

The utility of worry is to try and anticipate and avoid any potential dangers and to keep us safe. It’s the brain trying to protect us and so worrying certainly has its place and time. But often times worrying only serves to ramp up our nervous system and kick us into an imbalanced place that only leads to more worrying. The brain has good intentions, but it leads us down a destructive vicious cycle.


s steps to stop worrying and start living


2. Allow and accept the feeling of fear and stop worrying

Worrying usually arouses the feeling of fear or anxiety. In this mindful step, we’re simply acknowledging that this feeling is here. Calling it out. We want to do the opposite of resist it, because what we resist persists. So instead we practice allowing it to be as it is. Here you are just saying to yourself, “allowing, allowing, allowing.”

Learn about positive thinking here: 100 Positive Thinking Exercises

3. Feel into worry with kindness

Now we have the opportunity to deepen our awareness and investigate the feeling. Here you may choose to put your hand on your heart or wherever you feel the sensation in your body. This is one way of signaling to the brain a sense of love or kindness to the feeling, which may shift it all by itself. The brain also has to map the sensation of the touch with is inversely correlated with mental rumination, turning the volume down on negative thinking.

Try this simple practice to stop worrying:

  • As you feel into worry you might ask, “What does this feeling believe?” Does it believe you are unlovable, unworthy, or perhaps that if you allow it to be, it will consume you?
  • Ask the question, what does this feeling need right now? Does it need to feel cared for, to feel secure, to feel a sense of belonging?
  • Whatever the answer, see if you can plant these as seeds in yourself. For example, you can plant the seeds of intention saying, “May I feel safe and secure, may I be free from this fear, may I feel a sense of belonging.”Make this personal to whatever your needs are.

4. Expand your awareness out to include all people

Whatever the worrying is about, it’s important you know you’re not alone. Feeling vulnerable is part of the human condition and millions of people struggle with the same source of vulnerability that you experience. But when we’re feeling vulnerable with anxiety it often times is all about us, we need to also impersonalize the experience and get outside of ourselves.

You can do this by imagining all the other people who struggle worrying and wish them all the same intentions that you just wished yourself.

For example, May we all feel a sense of safety and security, May we all be free from the fear that keeps us stick in a perpetual cycle of worry, May we all feel that sense of belonging, etc…


5 steps to stop worrying and start living


5. Repeat steps one through four as often as necessary to practice more on how to stop worrying.

If you notice, steps one through four spell the acronym SAFE so you can easily remember what it is and what it’s for. As you intentionally practice this over and again, in time you will notice that you start to become less reactive to the worried mind, more compassionate with yourself as it arises, and even have perspective that this worrying is part of the human condition and you are not alone.

When we’re able to turn the volume down on worrying in our lives, what will be there instead? For many people, it’s a sense of spaciousness, ease, and joy.

This article by Elisha Goldstein is a perfect guide on how to stop worrying too much. Live more every day and stop worrying.


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3 Ways to Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

Tara Christie



take responsibility for your happiness

“But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.”~ Albert Camus

There is no way around it—we have to take responsibility for our own happiness.

I have been plagued with thoughts of death and suicide my entire life. I attempted suicide once, 25 years ago. And more recently, my first thoughts in the mornings have been how to kill myself.

These thoughts are not new; what’s new is my aspiration to address them—authentically and publicly.

This is not a suicide note. Instead of driving to the hardware store, getting a ladder, and trying to figure out what to do with my dogs, I am writing this article. I have been thinking about writing this for weeks.

As it turns out, I am an expert on not killing myself. Reflecting on this awareness, with 37 pounds of two soft and incredibly attached dogs holding me down, I am encouraged by some weird calling to share.

Over the course of my life it has become increasingly clear that just because people who love us surround us, we are not necessarily emotionally or mentally okay.

Significant life changes, loss, and hardship are a regular experience of mine. I know firsthand, change is difficult. Those of us with emotional and mental struggles are especially susceptible to the turmoil that comes with change.

It is within the fear of the unknown that suicidal thoughts roam.

Seeing the state of the world, I know I am not the only one struggling. I have high-functioning depression, a constant feeling of two heavy weights pulling on my heart, holding me down, and making me late for everything. My passion for life and all its pleasures are a regular disappearing act—magically coming and going, I am always hopeful for an encore.

As one who has fought the suicide battle and seemingly won, I have three immediate suggestions for anyone who is fighting the desire to end their struggle.

Take Responsibility - Spiritual

Take Responsibility For Spiritual Connection

Somehow, over the years, I have found a way to cope and stay alive. Some days, the suicidal thoughts are louder than others, but thanks to my daughter, dogs, and supportive friends, I manage to not succumb. After my attempted suicide long ago, I learned to meditate and began studying and seeking God.

When my mind takes over I find the power to restrict feelings and thoughts of death. I find relief when I am studying esoteric wisdom. Moses, Buddha, and Jesus have all come to my rescue, and while out in the world I’m doing my best to share as much love as possible.

For the last 10 years I have been scanning and studying the Zohar, a book written for the purpose of decoding the Torah—it is said it carries with it great protection and light. When I study the Zohar the thoughts of death always go away.

The courage to continue in a world that seems increasingly bleak is not always easily found. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are two public figures who unfortunately did not find their way out. My daughter lost five people last year—four of them under the age of 17.

I have found, through years of study and experimentation within religious, philosophical, and spiritual wisdom, the darkness in my mind only subsides when I focus on the light and the teachers and sages who know where, and how, to find it.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings, try looking to a figure who has spiritual wisdom. The blessings spiritual wisdom has to offer will provide the love and support we need to remain human.

Take Responsibility & Write

Writing has helped me find my voice and make sense of who I am. Don’t be afraid to publish, but know it’s not necessary. I have pages and pages that have never been read by anyone.

Write hard and clear about what hurts.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Together, the dark thoughts and feelings I have had all my life, and the understandings and epiphanies I receive when my thoughts come together in words, allow for deep healing to occur.

I have been enrolled in a course with Elephant Journal for the last six weeks. The original intent was to learn how to write meaningful and appealing copy for my business while learning the ways of social media and posting.

What’s happening instead? I’m finding a plethora of healing with a new awareness of my mental and emotional paradigm.

Although I have accepted that I will always be plagued with thoughts of death and suicide, I have found that, through writing, I bring my damaging thoughts into captivity, not letting them win.

By putting the words I hear in my head on paper, I have allowed myself to carry a lighter load. Those thoughts that have always been on repeat are now incarcerated on paper. Writing offers freedom from the demons we want to put behind bars and lets the light shine in.

Volunteer- Take Responsibility


Volunteer & Take Responsibility

The need to find purpose is imperative for human fulfilment. Through helping and sharing, we will find solace and peace. Environmental, political, and social movements all need people to step up and help.

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” ~ Fred Rogers

To share ourselves and lend our individual presence to a collective mission is something we all need to do for our individual health and the well-being of humanity. Especially if we are having a hard time with destructive thoughts, helping others will inevitably help us.

For those of us who are hurting, standing for humanity and our precious planet is an act of empowerment that can empower us to move forward. When we find something we care about, our heart opens and we can show up with courage, allowing the importance of the mission to permeate our experience.

Suicidal thoughts are difficult to deal with, more so if we keep them bottled inside. Through writing this article I have released some pain and have found a way to share it, hopefully benefiting someone who may need words of encouragement and support from someone who understands.

Through my battle to achieve mental health, I have learned to cultivate a deeply spiritual relationship with the universe, while keeping my focus on being a helper in the world and following the call to write my pain.

I know all too well how difficult it can be to keep going—not allowing the darkness of our inner world to take over our hearts. We must rally strength and turn it into courage, engaging our human responsibility to support each other and our mother earth.

When we intentionally and compassionately open a dialogue about our mental and emotional health, we help our society heal.

Every person on this planet is important, and we are all in this together.

Take responsibility and be happy at all times. You are special & we all are a part of the universe.


Original Article by  JENNI LYNNE 

A very inspiring article about hope. There is hope in everything that we go through. Jenni Lynne is right that we need to take responsibility for our happiness.

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5 Ways to Rebound from Covid-19

Tara Christie



5 Ways to Rebound from Covid-19

To get on with life, we all need to find ways to rebound from Covid-19…

“Like a tragedy from ancient Greece, the long struggle between Covid-19 and its impact on our lives is reaching a cataclysmic end that nobody planned, nobody seems able to escape, and that is shattering the livelihoods as well as the hopes and dreams of millions in the process.” — Gary Ryan Blair

IN GREEK DRAMA there is a device known as peripeteiawhen the plot takes an abrupt turn, a sudden reversal of fortune or dramatic change in circumstances.

Peripeteia is one of the most powerful moments of the play…the pivotal factor.


It is the moment of self-discovery for the protagonist of the story which is so essential to the turning point after which the plot moves rapidly towards denouement.

The Greeks believed that tragedy, hardship and difficulty had a serious purpose in that it portrays the suffering and the reversal of the protagonist’s fortune.

In the words of Aristotle himself:

“A man cannot become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.”

This begs the question…

What is the belief, attitude and psychology that makes one man a hero and gives them the ability to bounce back from the pain of Covid-19…and which perpetuates ongoing tragedy, failure and disappointment to another?

What is the pivotal factor, the moment of self-discovery that wakes a man from sleep and which leads to his reversal of fortune.

Find Your Greatness - 100 Day Challenge

The answer is…some men succeed because they accept and willingly embrace difficulty and challenge, while others, though they claim strength and ambition, reject and run from it.

I believe that this Covid-19 pandemic is a real life Greek tragedy. It’s also one of the most defining moments of your life…your peripeteia. It has to be.

Will you come out of this chapter of your life better or bitter, stronger or weaker, committed or non-engaged?

What you do from here…and the decisions you make during this pivotal moment in time can, should and must lead you to a life-altering transformation.

I want to show you how to make this happen by asking you one critical question…

What are you willing to suffer for?

The only way out of this mess is through the vehicle of suffering. Yes, you have to increase your suffering.

Everything you want in life…every goal you want to achieve, every dream you want to manifest comes with a price tag.

To achieve any goal, to transform your life and to turn this setback into a comeback…you must choose the suffering that’s right for you…you must accept that reality…you must wrap both arms around that truth, and then you must allow it to guide your thoughts, words and actions.

The precise moment you choose not to pay or continue not to pay the price of success is the precise moment you choose to suffer the tragic consequences of failure which is the worst kind of suffering.

Be mindful…the suffering cost of failure is always going to be higher than the suffering price for success. There is no exception to this rule.

The cost and consequences that have already been incurred by Covid-19 as well as the failure in a relationship, job, career or any area can cause a monumental amount of disruption and chaos in your life.


The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of failure:

– If you lack financial discipline you will suffer the consequences of debt and sleepless nights.

– If you do not manage your diet you will suffer the cost of diabetes and poor fitting clothing.

– By not keeping your promises, you suffer the loss of reputation.

– By choosing to be late and unprepared you will suffer the cost of lost opportunity.

– By not investing quality time with your children, you will suffer by paying the price of regret your entire life.

Sooner or later, the moment of peripeteia arrives and each of us must choose to pay the price of success or pay the cost of failure.

The cold, hard, finger-in-the-eye truth is that the price of success is often more than people are willing to pay, but not more than they are capable of paying.

Ways To Rebound From Covid


The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of success:

– If you suffer the costs of disciplined spending and investing habits you enjoy peace of mind and early retirement.

– If you suffer the costs of daily exercise and nutrition you get to enjoy a great physique and an exceptional quality of life.

– By suffering the cost of inconvenience and going the extra mile for a client, you will enjoy bigger commissions and increased opportunities.

– By suffering the cost of preparation, you will enhance your reputation and social capital.

– By suffering the price of love, forgiveness, attention and patience, you will enjoy a loving relationship with your children.

True success is something that is achieved by the minority of people, and is therefore unnatural and not to be achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes, nor by being guided by our natural preferences and prejudices.

Your daily challenge is to choose your suffering. You must decide right now if you are going to pay the price for success…or if you are going to pay the price of failure.

Peripeteia is much more than a powerful moment of a play, it is a profoundly important moment of your life…the pivotal factor, the turning point which will lead you to becoming the hero of your own life or the victim of your own choices.

Covid-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into all of our lives. Those who succeed and prosper will do so by turning this modern day Greek tragedy…this unwanted, unplanned for setback into an amazing comeback story.

So how do you overcome the pain, costs and consequences brought on by Covid-19…how do you become your own hero and turn this chapter of your life into an amazing comeback story?

Ways To Rebound From Covid

Ways To Rebound From Covid

Comeback Rule #1 — Refuse to Die

Those with the character to triumph, in the end, will not allow the pain and indignity of Covid-19 to force them down. A comeback accepts disaster, laughs in its face, and crawls to his feet again. Refuse to die…do not let this period of time define you or rob you of your dreams.

Comeback Rule #2 — Decide to Fight

Comebacks have an inner sense of justice that refuses to be violated. They manage their emotions, reminding themselves of where they’ve been and why they’re here, and resolve that nothing will stop them.

Manage your darkest fears by doing something about it. Decide to fight by taking massive action and if you don’t succeed at first, plot and plot again.

Comeback Rule #3 — Get Mad

Pain, failure, loss and embarrassment are such great motivators and you should allow the adversity created by Covid-19 to force your hand to make new choices and take new actions.

Get mad and use the pain as fuel to drive your comeback because if you do not, it will become the fuel that perpetuates your current situation.

Comeback Rule #4 — Get Creative

The savvy fighter won’t make the same mistake twice. She accepts the hard rules of the real world, analyzes how she wound up on her back and charts a course around the problem.

Part of being creative is knowing that for every problem there’s always a way out, always a way through, always a way around, and always a way for you to come out on top.

Comeback Rule #5 — Focus on Results

Once you’re on your way, don’t look back and do not allow a previous faux pas to slow you down. A hundred distractions, doubts, and setbacks will haunt someone recovering from the damages of Covide-19.

The ultimate reward for the person making the comeback is to see his or her vision come to life in the real world…and they enjoy the deep confidence of someone who has refused to die, who decided to fight and who emerged to see the stars.

Face it…the moment of peripeteia has arrived. It’s time for you to take control, turn the tide, pay the price and become the hero of your own story.


I sincerely hope that this message provides the psychological wake up call you need in order to start living the bigger, brighter and far more beautiful life you want and were destined to live.

Whatever happens from here on will have done massive damage to the world economy and to hopes and dreams of untold millions. But it’s not the end of you.

It’s reassuring to know that you have the strength and fortitude to survive this modern Greek tragedy.

Just remember, you have the power to change your life by changing your story…and you get to decide how the story, especially how this chapter is going to end…and it deserves to end with the immense satisfaction of someone who went through hell…who clawed their way back to the top and emerged victorious!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to achieve 10X size goals by applying the methods and best practices of growth hacking.

Goals We Get - 100 Day Challenge

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